Writing Stalled – The Writing Life in Story

Day Six

The day was a bust in terms of getting any writing accomplished. I couldn’t concentrate because of eye strain. The headaches had gotten progressively worse in the couple of days since I’d been living and working in the cabin. I had to get fitted for a pair of specs, so I ventured down to Mussoorie’s mall to find an eye doctor. By the time I arrived, the pain behind both eyes was debilitating, forcing me to lie down in the eye shop, both before and after being examined by the doctor. I don’t know if the doctor deducing and prescribing the lens’ strength was an actual “doctor”, but I was sold a pair as a result of his examination. Because my head hurt so much, I decided to wait and take them with me. I was already loosing writing time that day, and if I had to return on another day I’d loose that time at my desk as well. Better to loose one day of work than two. I was, after all, on a schedule

I did manage to work a few hours, and finished the “Life in Landour” chapter, of which the bulk of contained an astrological scene that took place in my cabin nearly two years earlier. I’d stayed in Alyndale prior to riding around India, having gone there once to learn Hindi. Then, I’d shared it with Darla (not her real name), an American woman who’d come to India to study with an astrological guru. She was the friend of a friend, and we’d agreed to share a cabin before meeting.

It turned out, we didn’t like each other. I avoided her as much as possible but one night – when it was too miserable to go out and we were stuck with each other in that little room – she talked me into letting her do my astrological chart. Practice for her; a lark for me. The predictions she made are still in the book, so I won’t tell you what she said. I will say, it was enlightening.

Overall, the day wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped in terms of word written, but that’s the way writing goes. Some days a lot; some days not so much.

Work hours: didn’t track, but four hours at best!

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