Permission & Disclaimer

NOTE: I don’t claim that the information I draw on is factual, valid, current, complete. I am not liable for errors or omissions, nor am I responsible for any losses, injuries, or damages that you may experience as a result of reading this blog.

As the author of this website and blog I own all the content within it, and have copyrighted it in my name. However, here are the does and don’ts concerning the content.

Don’t Need Permission for the Following

  • Linking to my website or certain posts within my site.
  • Using portions of a post (under 100 words, but never a post in its entirety), provided you link back to that original post.
  • Making copies of my posts so long as they are for your personal use and not commercial sale.

Reprinting a post to be used in a non-commercial publication such as a non-profit newsletter or flyer promoting an empowerment gathering. If you do however, please provide “© 2012, C.L. Stambush. All rights reserved. Originally published at”  I would also ask that if you do this that you shoot me a saying when and how the content will be used. You can do this in a reply to the post itself.

Written Permission Necessary Under these Circumstances

  • Using my words and ideas for commercial, profit-making endeavors. This includes selling or licensing digital or printed versions of my work.
  • Building upon my ideas as a means of commercial gain for yourself.
  • Using the photos and drawings posted.

Translations and Reposts

I don’t allow translations of my words or ideas since I have no means of validating the translations. It’s tricky enough to get an idea across when the reader and writer speak the same language, so sorry, no foreign translations.

Google penalizes websites for duplicate posts, and since Google can’t distinguish the original from the duplicate, I can’t allow any full-post reposts.

Guest Bloggers Content

If I have guest blogger all rights to their words and ideas belong to them, and the above rules don’t cover their work. If you are interested in using something a guest blogger wrote you will need to contact the person directly.

If you have a situation I didn’t cover here, please e-mail me.

Comment Policy

My intention with the blog is to create conversations. I would love for you to leave your comments but there must be some guidelines, otherwise my blog might become a site for people pushing products. While I won’t ask that your comments be approved before being published, I do reserve the right to take down comments that are designed to promote a product. This is a community and communities converse. No body wants to go to a party and be hit with “sales pitches”. We want to get to know each other. If you are an individual expressing unique thoughts and happen to have your own blog, you are welcome to post a link to your personal site when you leave comments.

  • You can leave a comment without providing your e-mail address, however, I’d love to know who you are and be able to stay in touch. I promise NOT to sell this information. It will solely be used by me as a means of letting you know about upcoming events that are related to the topics I write about.
  • Debate is healthy as it stimulates our thinking and causes us to examine our beliefs, however, this site will not be a place for nastiness. So be respectful of others’ opinions even if you don’t agree. Strive to articulate yourself and you will win others over better than by being snarky.
  • You retain ownership of you words and ideas, meaning I’m specifically disclaiming any and all liability that may result from them. By leaving a comment you are claiming ownership and all the responsibility that comes with that.
  • By leaving a message, you are giving me permission (granting license) to store, use, transmit, display, publish, reproduce, and distribute your comments in any format: blog, book, video, presentation, etc. Your permission is not limited to the previous formats, as future formats will not doubt be discovered as useful.