My name is Connie and I’m a writer and storyteller with 22 years experience, a former national motorcycle instructor of 14 years, international traveler since 1992. I’ve lived, worked, and meandered through 19 foreign countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia (plus North America) in a six-year period.

I’ve traveled by train, boat, bus, camel, donkey cart, foot, and motorcycle – a five month and nearly 7,000 miles solo journey around India on a 350cc Thumper. I’ve written a book about the ride titled Naked on the Edge: a Motorcycle, a Goddess, and a Journey Around India.

As a kid I was awkward and shy, and kept one shoulder to the wall at all times when in the halls at school. I was also a dreamer and grew up watching westerns on TV, longing to be one of the boys riding the range. But I wasn’t a boy, and cowboys weren’t much in demand in Southern Indiana.

My writing has appeared in The Chicago Tribune, Cosmopolitan, Far Easter Economic Review, Travelers’ Tales and a handful of national and international newspapers, as well as a few literary presses and regional magazines. For more on my professional credential see LinkedIn.

I have a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism from Indiana University, Bloomington and a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction Writing from Sarah Lawrence College, New York.

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  • at 6:00 AMSep

    Interesting, awesome and full of wonder. What is next?

    • C. L. Stambush
      at 6:00 PMSep

      Thanks, Mike. The answer the your question “What is next?” is something I hope you tune in and follow. I want to explore ways to get what we want out of life.


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